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Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU)

The dormitories burned to ashes.
The night of 1st September 2016 was unfortunately not a good one to the Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) in Lushoto Tanga Tanzania. At around 11:00 PM the University was attacked by people who are suspected to have some terroristic traits and as a result a guard was shot dead and one of the dormitories burned to ashes.
The dormitories burned to ashes.
Regional Security committee led by its chairman who is also the Regional Commissioner Mr. Martin Shigela, arrived at the University  early the following morning and ordered for a quick search for the culprits who are involved so that they can be brought to court immediately. He also suggested that the University must be fenced and gated for security purposes and to avoid similar attacks in the future.
The Regional Commissioner Mr. Martin Shigela.
The Regional Chief Police officer Benedict Wakyuliambo confirmed that the attack took place at around 11:00 pm and that the guard who lost his life in the process was named Yohana Shemzigwa.
The Regional Chief Police Officer Benedict Wakyuliambo.
SEKOMU’S Chancellor Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga required the security committee to take quick measures in finding the culprits and immediate steps should be taken to make sure that the culprits are taken to court.  He also extended his condolences to the family that lost their beloved one in this sorrowful event.
SEKOMU’S Chancellor Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga.
Some of the students who were around during the attack described that they heard some gun shots at around 11:00 at night and most of them ran towards the toilets which was the only way that led them safely out of the university and rescued them from the attackers; they also mentioned that among many other things that got burned, Examination sheets which were to be used for the ongoing examinations were one of them.
This mournful event is a continuation of many similar attacks that face educational institutions around the country recently.
A group of people praying after the press conference at SEKOMU.
SEKOMU’S Chancellor Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga (Middle), NED-ELCT Dean Rev. Dr. Ebahart Ngugi (Left) & General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka (right), discussing something after the press conference at SEKOMU.