• Internet Boom, At Last!

    Amid last week, the NED head office was filled with smiling faces behind computer screens. It was when the head office Internal Network and Internet Connection mission was declared successful. At least each piece of computer can enable the world to be reachable at the fingertips!

    Thanks to Anders Gustavsson, our Webmaster, who formally initiated this idea, and his tireless follow-ups and advice towards the great success. It is not easy to forget Daniel Rubensson, who helped much on the part of technical advice. Anders was also responsible for internal network cabling in the head office during his visit in Lushoto, August last year.

    Now the NED’s head-quarter is proudly one of the few institutions coping with the competitive world of technological advancement.

  • Rise Of The New Day


    The new Executive Council members, missionaries and recently employed diocesan staff have been officiated in a mass service held at the Lushoto Cathedral, today.

    The 26 councillors, including the statutory members, were elected during the 6th Synod held in August last year.

    The occasion staged this morning, was witnessed also by a group of visitors from Germany to stay in the diocese for a week. The building was at its full capacity.

    The officiated staff consisted of 6 missionaries, a head of an institution and several diocesan staff.


    These were Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga, Dean Rev. Jonathan Mwamboza, Mr. Geoffrey Akile, Rev. Sosthenes Kibanga, Rev. Zawadiel Mkilindi, Rev. Msafiri Mbilu and Rev. John Fisha.

    Others were Dr. Stephen Magessa, Mr. Ernest Shewali, Ms. Eveline Mweta, Hon. Joyce Mgana (Muheza District Commisioner), Ev. Abidon Mtoi, Dr. George Kopwe, Mr. Raphael Mbughuni and Mr. Yosse Shekaholwe.

    Also there were Rev. James Mwinuka, Ms. Mwivei Chambo, Ms. Joyce Kulwa, Mr. Peter Mayange and Mr. Yohana Mnkanda.

    Other members were Ms. Haika Mfubo, Ms. Joyce Mbughuni, Ev. Rachel Kinyashi, Ms. Mary Somi, Mr. Asili Moshi and Ms. Beatrice Mlay.


    Ms. Anette Murles (Director of Economic Development and Planning), Mr. Peter Murless (Manager, Irente Farm), Mr. Frank Maas (Administrator, Lutindi Mental Hospital), Ms. Anja Maas (Lutindi Mental Hospital) Rev. Marcus Piehl and Ms. Piehl (Students’ Work, Plains District)


    Ms. Enna Mdemu (Head of Irente Children’s Home); Mr. Ismail Guga, Mr. Elirehema Mbwambo (Irente Farm); Mr. Michael Shauri, Ms. Theresia Mchalo, Mr. Justine Shemakange, Ms. Neema Mohamed, Mr. Justine Kiondo and Mr. Gabriel Shelukindo (Diocese’s head office).