In the early 50s, Mrs. Hildegard Waltenberg and Sister Anna Marie, both from Germany, established a temporary home for babies born in triplets and abandoned children at Mlalo. After a few years they transferred the home to Bumbuli Hospital and then to Lutindi Mental Hospital. Considering the future of these children and the need to take care for motherless/parentless children, the Church leadership decided to expand the home. The decision was to have Irente as the new venue for vulnerable children’s home.

ICH was officially opened on 15th of March 1962. At the time of opening, ICH was under the supervision of Sr. Anna Marie who was later succeeded by Sr. Leone Latzner and Sr. Magdalena Jope from Germany. Caretakers who succeeded the German sisters were Sr. Marianne Guga (since late 70’s to 1986) and Sr. Betty Hozza (1986-2003), both Tanzanians. Since April 2003, ICH is being supervised by Sr. Enna Mdemu.