Renovation pictures October 2004

We are eager to show you the progress of the renovation of our Rainbow School and we have som brand new pictures to show!

Door between white room and yellow room is ready!
Door between White room and yellow room is ready!

Door from yellow room to classrooms
Door from Yellow room to classroms is ready

Doors in Blue room  Windows in Blue room
Doors and windows in Blue room

Red room


Image  Image
Right now we are working hard on the now toilets. They are to be ready at the end of November!

Toilet floor

Rainbow hall
Rainbow hall - our dining hall - is very fine now!

Ramp at the entrance
The ramp at the headentrance, for children using wheelchair.


Kitchen before

Kitchen after
.. and after. This is a High Efficiency Stove that saves firewood and is friendly to the environment.

Three weeks ago NED's Pastors'  Commmittee had it's meeting in Purple room