Letter to all friends of Rainbow School

Anneth Munga writes a letter to all friends of Rainbow School on behalf of the staff at the school. Updated 2005-04-23 with new photos of staff members.

Dear friends of Irente Rainbow School – wherever you are,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Due to recurring problems with Internet connections in Lushoto, I am writing a collective letter to all of you. Some of you have visited us recently during the first months of this year while others have visited us during the previous years as we were preparing the school. Then there are those among you who support our work without having been here physically. Many thanks for the gifts you bring to us. We know that their value is not only in what we can see with our eyes and feel with our hands; your gifts are an expression of your commitment to join us in doing meaningful work for and with disadvantaged children.

Roses outside Irente Rainbow School


Today, Rainbow opened again after having been closed for two weeks vacation. As we begin the second half of the first term, we miss Ulrike Glaeser. Ulrike was sent by the UEM to work as a consultant since October last year. She finished her work on 11th of March and a few days later she left Lushoto. Despite all difficulties associated with starting a new task, Ulrike has helped us to get a good beginning. The fact that we didn’t get the special teachers in time could have threatened the quality of our work. Fortunately, the teaching assistants arrived in time and under the leadership of Ulrike they assumed their responsibility with courage and faith. Obviously, Ulrike knows her profession very well and her confidence helped the team to set functioning structures for their work. The positive atmosphere at the Rainbow is another important contribution that Ulrike has left behind and we hope that it will live on. May Ulrike be blessed as she continues to dedicate herself to handicapped people in Germany and wherever God calls her to serve.

For sure, the teachers, teaching assistants and other workers needed this vacation. However, some of the pupils were not happy with it and they expressed their dissatisfaction openly. One of the pupils used to go to Rainbow everyday and sat there the whole day together with the day watchperson. A parent of another child has told us that his son woke up early every morning and demanded to be taken to school. To know that the pupils missed their school is a positive sign that encourages us.