Letter to all friends of Rainbow School

While the work at Rainbow goes on, we realise every day that the demand of such schools is high not only in the district of Lushoto but in the region of Tanga. In the town Tanga there are a couple of integrated primary schools where intellectually impaired children can get assistance. In Korogwe district there is one school. Yet, like Lushoto, there are other districts which don’t have such schools at all. In some villages in Handeni district a small investigation was done in 18 schools. The number of children who were found to be intellectually impaired (in one way or the other) was 52! As we have been informing you in earlier letters, we hope to begin outreach work in the future and the above information shows that this is needed.

Please join us in thanking God for all that He is doing.

Be blessed!

Yours in Christ,

Anneth Munga
on behalf of those who work at Irente Rainbow School.