Easter Greetings 2007 from Rainbow School

Dear friends of the Irente Rainbow School,

Many warm Easter Greetings from Irente Rainbow School!

In behalf of all our pupils and staff I would like to thank you all for your support for the work at our school!

There is lots of good news from the Irente Rainbow School. First of all I would like to introduce two new staff members to you. Their names are Mama Minja, a new teacher and Marion Salema, our occupational therapist. Both joined us in January and they are both a great addition to our work at the school. Marion Salema is working with the children at the school, but even more with the children in the Outreach Programme. In this programme we visit disabled children and their parents in the villages all over the Lushoto District. Up to now 209 children and youth are registered under the programme and they become more and more as we continue to visit the different villages.
Image On March 23rd we had a party at our school to welcome back our Head Teacher J. Robert Shehaghilo who was in Pennsylvania, USA for six months for training invited by SEPAS (South Eastern Pennsylvania Synod) and KENCREST, a big service provider for people with special needs. We are very happy to be with him at our school again.
In March we also received the good news that UEM (United Evangelical Mission) will help us build a new staff house for two families (duplex). We already received the 16,000 Euro and will immediately after Easter start with the preparations for the construction. The parents of our pupils and our staff will do the site clearing and excavation of the foundation with their own hands in order to reduce the costs of the construction. We are very grateful to UEM for their support that reduces the urgent problem of lack of staff houses at the school. We still need to build another duplex, but we are optimistic that God will help us again as he was always with us up to now.
On Thursday, 5th of April the Irente Rainbow School closed its doors for two weeks of Easter vacation. The pupils were proud to go home with some new clothes and some sweets that were given to the school as donation. Also every pupil received his/her own book with photos of the life and activities at their school. Our Head Teacher Robert came with them from the US.
On 23rd of April all pupils and staff will be happy to meet again at IRENTE RAINBOW SCHOOL!
In behalf of all of them I wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER! May we all remember the incredible blessing that we received through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Yours faithfully,
Caroline Bidmon
Coordinator at Irente Rainbow School