Irente Rainbow School: Outreach Programme

Outreach class at Mabugai Magamba, students with their parents Having started in 2005 as a school for mentally challenged and autistic children, the Irente Rainbow School is also running an outreach program aiming to reach children with disability in the communities. The program is growing and the number of identified children is increasing each year. It has managed to reach 500 children in 17 villages.

The school cooperates with other institutions which have similar objectives. We refer our children to the Community Based Rehabilitation Center (CBR) in Moshi for Intensive Therapy weeks where the parents / guardians get intensive training and counseling.

Fellow guest from FELM and Northern Diocese

Apart from these services in the villages the program has started 4 classes in collaboration with the head teachers in the local primary schools where such children have been identified.

Robert Michael is one of the children in the class at Mabughai village in Magamba area. He is 12 years old; he is physically disabled with cerebral paresy. It is his grandmother, 70 years old, who lives with him and brings him to school because he can’t walk. He likes drawing pictures and dreams of becoming a good carpenter when he grows up. I like coming to school because I want to know how to read and write

.Robert Michael with his grandmother Robert Michael with his wheel chair donated by  Rainbow school Rev. Joyce Kibanga holds  an interview with Robert Michael the source of this Article

Robert also likes to draw pictures of things around him like animals, trees; these are some of the pictures which he has drawn. He has a creative mind, when asked some questions he takes time before he gives an answer, on what he thinks and feels is the best for his future.

One of the drawing Robert draw after classes

Due to that experience we had visitors from FELM: Riikka Gammelin (Finland) working in Lindi & Mtwara for children who are mentally disabled, Anna-Stina Haapa a volunteer student from Finland and from Northern Diocese Deacons Elirehema Kaaya, Nyirarukundo Genevieve, Shaeli Urassa and Dianarose Ernest. Very interesting and informative program, up-close look at the student and great demonstrations of their assessments. We were lucky enough to be there at form feeding time said one of the guests.

Form filling and continue assessment by rainbow outreach programme coordinators together with guests