Irente Rainbow Parents' Day

Students dancing on IRS Parents Day Irente Rainbow School struggle to establish partnerships with parents to support students with mental problems and autism in their learning. Rainbow believes strong communication is essential to this partnership and to building a sense of cooperation between home and school.

The above words were said by the guest of honor Lushoto District Executive Director on her speech read on her behalf by Lushoto Secondary Educational officer Mrs. Navoneiwa Mritta. Teachers must use a range of other creative approaches to strengthen this partnership between teachers and parents/guardians, said Mrs. Mritta.

Guest of Honor awarding Abdalah - Gold Medal won at Morogoro Special Olympic Games

She argued, in altering times, teachers and other experts who work with these children must continue to develop and expand their skills in order to maximize effective communication with parents/guardians.

Guest of Honor, Mrs Mritta, and parents visit demonstration of different materials made by Rainbow students

To maximize efficiency, Rainbow has Outreach programme with 25 stations and more than 640 registered people with similar problem, explain the head of School Mrs. Lucy Mwinuka. The school has conducted workshop for 43 volunteers in the village to simplify work due to shortage of workers and resources.

Prossesion to hall ready for opening Parents Day

Lucy continue explaining, assessing Rainbow students by examination results knowing their status is hard but through Special Olympics held at Morogoro where some students were awarded gold medal and others ribbon can help assessing the child development.


Rainbow Gold Medal and Ribbon-winners

However, Lucy mention some challenges going through: shortage of classrooms as the number of students is increasing, workers houses, lack of capital to establish sustainable development projects that will help school to be independent.

Lena-Maria Klingvall singing, rev Bendera holding a mic for her

The event was fundamental as it involves guest from different parts of the world including America and Sweden. From Sweden popular singer Lena Maria Klingvall accompanied by Rut Lindmark, TV producer Göran Skytte and photographer Johnny Törnkvist. Lena sang Blue bird and Bwana Mungu.

Lena-Maria, herself being handicapped since childhood, having only one leg and no arms, is a sign of that handicap mustn't be an obstacle for a rich life. She said she loves the way children and people with mental retarded and autism are treated at Rainbow School, and that other countries should learn from Rainbow. She congratulates rainbow workers for the tremendous work.

Students with their teachers singing song during session