Bangala 2013 class graduation held

Bishop Munga awarding certificates

One of the most pressing issues in education is discipline at schools. Seminary discipline and behavior management are issues that every teacher or administrator deals with on a daily basis. We must examine discipline at our seminary here at Bangala for future church leaders and other leaders too.

Rev. Bishop Dr. Stephen Ismail Munga said the above words at Bangala Junior Seminary Saturday 19th October 2013, gracing the 10th form four Graduation as the guest of honor, insisting the vision of the diocese to make Bangala the best place for quality secondary education.

Form Four students leading prossesions from Admnistration to ceremony venue

Responding to form four speech which claims for some facilities, bishop Munga insisted the remaining building will be finished and the Bangala board of director are organizing fundraising to be held next year to accomplish the building for Library, Laboratory, students Hall, hostels and staff houses.

Group photo with form four


Bishop Munga reminded teachers to reintroduce previous language courses at least three months before students join secondary school. It will help students to improve their language skills because in most public primary schools in Tanzania language is not mustered due to many circumstances including English not being the first Language.

One of the types of discrimination in Tanzania presented by Arts Club

However, the ceremony started by science studies exhibitions, hobbies, drummer, singing and much more. Among other invited guest are all local government leaders around Bangala Seminary premises, surrounding institutions leaders and senior NED officials, General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka and southern district Dean Rev. Yambazi Mauya.

Biology exhibitionsGraduates parents and neighbors welcomed warmly by continued students of different classes. The event started at 10.00GMT and ends 14.00GMT. The 2013 class with 34 students promised better results than the last year class results.

Parents and invited guests

Exhitibion on the formation of River

Second from Left Rev. Lemi Baruti headmistress Bishop Rev. Dr.  Munga centered with purple shirt

Form Four students singing farewell song