NED Organize Seminar for Heads of Institutions

Group discussion
North Eastern Diocese conducts two days seminar for heads of institutions at SEKOMU on 11th and 12th June 2014. The seminar organized by the General secretary office for the heads of NED institutions to exchange views, to know each other but also to share some basic teaching facilitated by NED directorates and general secretary.


Participants were all NED head of institutions accompanied by accountant or assistant heads of institution regarding the nature of institution. 
Rev. James Mwinuka presenting leadership skills
General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka teach  basic leadership skills on different ways of handling matters during the course of performing duties, been active, innovative, and he instated in our active world of communication one cannot afford to exclude the art of listening.
Rev. Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi (standing) Opening the seminar by a word of prayer
However, Rev. Joyce Kibanga, the Director of Social Services, presents the corporate culture insisting the humans are social beings and it is how ideas and beliefs spread. People learn from other people how to behave, what to value, and what to aspire to. She stresses on a strong corporate culture can make employee stay even if salary may be low.  
Seminar participants had enough time in a group discussion on various topics presented for evaluation and emphasis. In various times participant gave opinion to strengthen the next seminar by inviting experts in different field for new skills and systems.
Finally, participants with facilitator concluded after group presentations and put resolutions. Talking to Rev. Mwinuka he said this kind of seminars will be conducted regularly to fulfill NED goals.
Participants pose for group photo