Irente Rainbow School Celebrating 10 Years of Achievement

Group photo of Rainbow students and Diocese leaders
The unveiling of a colorful mural marked the 10th anniversary Irente Rainbow School owned by North Eastern Diocese (NED) on 18th January 2015. The celebration graced by Lushoto District Commissioner (DC) Ms Mariamu Juma, she congratulates the founders for  vision to help disabled. 
Bishop Stephen Munga insisted fair and equal opportunity to all human being despite one’s disability. He believes a full recognized human being must first and foremost recognize the presence of the disabled. 
Munga believes today’s world changes should go in hand with inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life.
On her greetings and speech Lushoto DC congratulate staff and all members working with Irente Rainbow School for an enormous heart shown to care the pupils. She encourages Lushoto community to learn and cooperate with the school in the outreach program to help children who are not at the station but have the same problem. 
In conversation with a Parent with a child at Rainbow, she acknowledges the work that has been done at Rainbow, her son is developing each day. "The school has grown, but so many things are still the way we started with them, and each principal has built on that, and it's become a very strong school."
Irente Rainbow School for mental retarded was established in 10th January 2005 with a total of 20 students to today. Six students due to their development join regular schools and one among them is employee in Irente Biodiversity Reserve.
Bishop Munga and Lushoto DC Ms Mariam had chance to put a mark by planting a memorable tree.