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LWR Malaria Project Extends to Tanga Region through NED

Ag. Director for Social Services Rev. Mrs Kibanga handling a motor cycle to Diocese Malaria Coordinator Mr. Mashaka

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) are working together to put faith into action in the fight against malaria. The project, entitled Faith in Action: Lutherans Partnering Against Malaria in Tanzania, focuses on increasing knowledge about malaria prevention and control, empowering health care providers to improve malaria prevention and control methods, and helping health care centers provide essential medication and services.

LWR’s partnership with the ELCT has been predominantly profitable to ELCT - North Eastern Diocese (NED) by the visit of the Bishop Jon Diefenthaler of Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, who is also a member of the board of Directors in LWR and president of the board accompanied by Brenda Meier and Tim Mc Cully, Vice president of LWR.

As to LWR efforts LWR/ ELCT-NED diocese conduct  training to provide community outreach on the use of insecticide treated nets (ITNs), timely fever management, and timely treatment with anti-malarial drugs. NED has medical personnel who coordinate the malaria project over the whole diocese. LWR/ELCT supported one motor cycle for malaria project coordinators and 44 bicycles for malaria campaign initiatives in their parishes and sub parishes. 

Bicycle assembled ready to use

During Bishop Jon’s visit to NED, they had time to visit one of the Diocese’s Deaneries the Southern Deanery and welcomed by Dean Rev. Yohana Titu, where the presentation held by asking question two ways from Rev Titu and from Bishop Jon and his company. Also Mary Kabatange LWR Tanzania Country Manager had some questions to the Rev Titu plan where the answers provided showed way to succeed.

Delegates and NED official pose for picture at Irente Children’s Home

However the team wanted to visit one of the Diocese health facilities where the Director for Social Services took them to Bumbuli Hospital. After the arrival the Doctor in charge Dr. Erasto Msangi welcomed them and gave some important information as per the guest needs and questions.

Delegates and NED officials closing meeting after the visit

Dr. Erasto said when responding to one of the question what are the major challenges and common diseases mostly reported? The major challenge in fighting malaria in Tanzania is the poor knowledge to proper treatment and lack of malaria diagnosis due to luck of apparatus or equipment.

Bishop Dr. Munga in discussion with Bishop Jon’s and company after their arrival

The program is expected to reach more community members within ELCT-NED members and other communities surrounding ELCT-NED.

Bishop Munga and NED official  pose for the picture with delegates from USA

A visit to Bumbuli Lutheran Hospital

One of the Malaria patient who are served under the agreement service of pregnant Mothers and Children under 5 years