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NED’s Institutional Evaluation Programme held

Standing is the NED General Secretary insisting certain point during his presentation NED has laid a foundation on which to develop its institutions to meet objectives through institutional management workshops and seminars. Among topics discussed is importance of institutional leadership vs. employee as well as attention paid to building a community through an effective communication strategy.

Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga said, faithfulness inspires confidence and assurance.  Confidence is something that over time inspires a sense of value.  God and others will look at you as being valuable and reliable.  This is what makes a business successful. The value of faithfulness will draw others to you.  If you are a faithful in a business for yourself, your faithfulness will attract customers, and we all know that they bring money with them.

Bishop Dr. Munga while opening the meeting

The General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka said interlink between quality services and appropriate products including staff development schemes cannot be met by distant administrative power but by self-sufficient commitment.

NED approaches each evaluation with concern and offers recommendations for improvement without passing unkind judgments on current problems but rather people concerned change their weakness and fulfill their duties.

Participants, who are heads of institutions, listening keenly

The evaluation raised awareness that the manager’s role, commitment and self assessment will bring good results also gaining from the experts’ experience and taking appropriate measures for changing.

The management insisted on self-evaluation process and the recommendations of the evaluation team on strategic planning which was done individually provided an opportunity to review strengths and identify weaknesses and areas that needed to be changed.

The Director for Finance and Administration playing his part