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In memorial of Yohana Kijazi

Dear friends, family and loved ones from around the world,

It is with diverse emotions that we inform you that Rev. Yohana Kijazi has passed into eternal life. We are extremely saddened with the loss of Rev. Kijazi from our lives, other than we are confident to know that he is now whole and in the loving care of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that we will soon be caught up to be with him again forever.

The late Rev. Yohana Kijazi


Kijazi passed into eternal life at 7:00 am on Saturday, March 6, 2010 after a motorcycle accident at Korogwe. The family would like to thank the courageous doctors and staff at Magunga Korogwe and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi for their efforts in those final days of Kijazi’s life.
In Bungu Parish Kijazi was loved by his congregation and his community. Kijazi also had an enormous impact on many individuals around the North Eastern Diocese.

People outside the Lutindi Parish during burial ceremony service.

Yohana Kijazi of Lutindi, aged 58, passed away on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. He was born on 1953 in Korogwe District. Kijazi was married to Perice on 1977. Kijazi served as Parish Pastor at the Bungu Lutheran Parish before his death. But Kijazi has also served Lutindi Parish as Evangelist in 1976 -1989; later in 1990 he served at Makorora and Malibwi Parishes.

In the year 1997 Kijazi joined Monrovian Theological College for four years pursuing Theological course where he graduated in 2000 and he served at Parish Pastor at Vuga. Then in the year 2001 he was transferred to Bungu Parish where he was called.

Bishop Rev. Dr. Munga (4th from left), leading burial ceremony
The funeral ceremony took place at Lutindi and led by North Eastern Diocese Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga assisted by Rev. Jonathan Mwamboza assistant to Bishop and the General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka, However, all Deans and other diocesan pastors were there assisting during funeral service.
Because of his loving heart and mutual interaction to community, the service was attended by a thousands of people whom from the Government represented by Korogwe District Commissioner Mr. Erasto Sima.

Pastors carrying coffin
He is survived by wife, Perice; two daughters: and five sons. The family would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the doctors, nurses and North Eastern Diocese for they truly went above and beyond to provide medical care for Kijazi and compassion to his family.

Congregation and community around participate during service Bishop Rev. Dr. Munga and his wife Anneth Munga putting flowers on the grave

Mr. Erasto Sima, Korogwe DC putting flowers From Right is Assistant to Bishop Rev. Mwamboza, Mr. Sima, Ret. Bishop Joseph Jali and Rev. Mahonge