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Nanyogie Health Center Opened

In March North Eastern Diocese (NED) welcomed Korogwe District Commissioner Mr Erasto Sima for opening the Nanyogie Health Center. Many people attended the event.  Dancers from nearby Nanyogie village provided entertainment. Different entertainments participate

NED staff, residence, and visitors are celebrating the new building and the service it is providing to patients.  While most patients have been young children, people of all ages are finding their way to Nanyogie.

Tambarare Deanery Dean Rev Shekizongolo (left) and Korogwe District Director signing visitors book at Nonyogie

As NED in partnership with Westphalia Church in Germany prepares for the Dispensary phase of the project, there is evidence that the population and the need in Nanyogie is growing. The diocese sees the need to build primary school and church house. Programs carried out at this location have an impact on rural health; they are naturally challenged by their isolation.

Clinical officer in charge of the Nanyogie Dispensary reading paper before the Guest of honor

During his presentation the Korogwe District Director Mr. Lameck Masembejo who opens the Dispensary on behalf of Korogwe DC he congratulated the Diocese for the vision because the Government budget will take time building such facilities at once due to the inadequate resources and financial incapability.

Nanyogie Dispensary Opening Signboard Ruvu Bridge to Nanyogie Dispensary Young Maasai high jumping Student of Nanyogie Primary participates in singing