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Pastors' Children met in Lushoto

Participants from North Eastern Diocese

North Eastern Diocese again hosts Pastors’s Children seminar that teaches them on the importance of their parents’ ministry in serving God. The seminar commenced on the 14th to 17th June, 2010 facilitated by different facilitators on the following topics:

  • Youth and the Church by Rev. Sarah Urassa
  • Adolescent and peer pressure by Rev. Mitula Mkumbo
  • The role of the pastors’ family in his/her ministry by Rev. Charles Lumwe.

Children where also reminded on their role in the ministry of their parents, their acts and behavior should portray love, patience as well as passion to all.

Guest of Honor Rev. Tittu (2nd) L presenting gifts to participants

One of the topic Adolescent and Peer pressure by Rev Mkumbo, as being more than just a stage that young people have to go through. Peer pressure is a powerful reality and many adults do not realize its effects. It can be a negative force in the lives of children and adolescents, often resulting in their experimentation with alcohol, and illegal drugs.

Guest of Honor Rev. Tittu (standing) closing the seminar, (L) is Rev. Joyce Kibanga & (R) Rev. Charles Lumwe

Teaching insists parents to talk to young about how to avoid undesirable situations or people who break the rules. When young people can foresee stressful peer pressure situations, it might be helpful if they bring friends for support.

Participants  from East and Coastal Diocese

Let young people know that it is okay to seek an adult’s advice. While it would be ideal if children sought the advice of their parents, other trusted adults can usually help them avoid most difficult situations, such as offers to smoke, drink, or use drugs.

Rev.Joyce Kibanga (Middle) in picture with Pastors' Children

The seminar enrolls a total of 36 young boys and girls, 26 from North Eastern Diocese and 10 from East and Coast Diocese. The aim was to bring together pastors’ children from the whole diocese aged 14 – 19 years old.

Rev.Mkumbo on his presentation

However young girls and boys need to be guided and encouraged to live their faith inspite of the challenges they face as teenagers. In their paper read to the guest of honor on the closing day, participants mentioned that the seminar has encouraged in understanding their role as pastors’ children and that it has brought them together.

It was a great opportunity for them to share experience and knowledge on the life of the youth in the church.

A word of thanks from the participants' representative


we thank the North Eastern Diocese for organizing the seminar in partnershop with UEM.