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Ngoda Ordained as Pastor


North Eastern Diocese - ELCT (August 15, 2010) – Pastor Ishmael Reuben Ngoda, the junior pastor of the Kisosora Parish was ordained as a pastor on Sunday at the Cathedral in Lushoto. Bishop Munga ordain Rev. Ngoda

Almost 45 pastors included, friends and family traveled from Tanga town and Mlalo to witness and participate in the ordination service, which was carried by Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga. Members of Kisosora Parish were also part of the large audience which packed the Utondolo Centre.

Church choir leading congregation to the service

During his welcome remarks, Bishp Munga noted that the event was of its kind for the church due to the number of pastors present after closing their seminar at SEKUCo. It also showed that NED had the facilities and capacity to host high-level events for church functions.

A reception followed the ordination service, which gave invited guests the opportunity to congratulate the new pastor.

Anna Ngoda installed as Mama Mchungaji

Rev. Ngoda is married to Anna S. Aira and has one son, all of whom were in attendance. He graduated from Makumira University 2009 pursuing Bachelor of Divinity while his wife is working as a teacher.

Bishop pose for a picture with Rev. Ngoda and his wife Anna and other pastors