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TOT's Seminar for Lay Preachers

A team of seven pastors’s spent days in Lushoto Magamba at SEKUCo with several church leaders from the head office NED teaching the Bible and enlightened the needed strategic thinking and planning for lay preachers. Deacons pose for picture with Rev. Joyce Kibanga 2nd from L and Rev Shekizongolo 4th from L

The Seminar commenced from 19th – 23rd October 2010 opened by Bishop Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga who also had a session titled Leadership. Together with other facilitators there was Rev. James Mwinuka, Rev. Christian Kolowa, Rev Zawadiel Mkilindi, Rev. Joyce Kinanga, and Rev Andrew Msocha.

Bishop Rev. Dr. Munga Opening Seminar for TOT's Pastors, sitting next is NED GS Rev. James Mwinuka

TOT’s members were selected from different deaneries for each will have a deanery seminar at their deanery to share with other pastor’s. They echoed the fact that if they are to meet the TOT’s goals, training must spearhead everything else.

Deacons during seminar, sitting infront is Dean Rev. Shekizongolo

Lay preachers will be gathering at their congregation for a number of days for training as it will be arranged by the parish concerned. The resource and facilitation of this event was mainly handled by the NED. Here we taught spiritual leadership, marriage and family relations for church leaders, preaching, preachers, and the correct message for Christian instruction said Rev. Christian Kolowa, one of the seminar coordinator.

Another group of 15 deacons to be gathered at SEKUCo alternating dates with pastor’s for a seminar for preparation before installed as deacons. They commence their seminar from 17th -21st October 2010 and graced by Bishop Rev. Dr. Munga as guest of honor as well as a facilitator.

TOT's seminar attendants during session

Again, leaders were aroused to work together in order to attain greater stature in the mission of the church. They recognized that without trained deacon’s the church remains out of action. Different sessions held with a number of facilitators such as The Retired Bishop Rev. Joseph Jali, Retired Principal dean Rev. Amasia Mweta, and Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga.