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Sankt Hans Members visit NED

Guests with Headoffice workers pose for picture

Some members of Sankt Hans parish, Lutheran Church of Sweden visit North Eastern Diocese of ELCT, Tanzania for strengthening partnership. The group led by Anders & Åsa Gustavsson and other members named Lars & Ulrika Nilsson, Sven & Ulla-Carin Holm, Yvonne Hedén, Moa Hobro, Björn Nyberg, Hans-Göran Boklund, Oskar Permvall, Anne Adolfsson and Elisabeth Lindström.

Zabia (Blind Student) at IBS Making carpets as one of their social study & extra curicula

During their arrival at Tumaini Hostel and Restaurant, NED management briefed guests on the structure and diocesan institutions. The group divided into tree as to attend Sunday services, one group allocated to Irente Parish, the other Lushoto Cathedral and last at Soni Parish.

Friends having fun with children at ICH

However, the following days the group had time to visit NED social institutions starting from Irente Children Home (ICH), Irente Blind School (IBS) and finally Irente Rainbow School (IRS). While in different institutions heads of institution brief and share with guests the experience, challenges they face as well as sustainability of institutions.

Rev. Joyce Kibanga pose for picture with one of ICH children

Sr. Enna Mdemu head of ICH said “we love the job because we are saving innocent babies” she also explain the challenges they face example lack of permanent donor (fund) that makes it difficult as the huge burden remain to the church. Enna did not forget to congratulate well wishes withing and outside contry who have been donating several times as well as the church for the wonderful job.

Dr. Anneth Munga briefing guest about SEKUCo

Meanwhile, guests had time to visit SEKUCo after short presentation from Provost Dr. Anneth Munga at Tumaini before visiting SEKUCo building at Magamba village. The environment and structure of the college makes the visit extraordinary.

Breakfast at Nanyogie

The last trip was at Maasai Nanyogie where Maasai were well organized to receive guests and share with them their traditions and also their faith. Guests together with diocesan representatives had fun and interesting moment to share the hospitality from Pastoralist society.

Friends honored by Maasai cloth

People from Nanyogie did not hesitate to present their vision to guests and diocesan representative and also the actions they have taken so far to solve their problems. One of the main challenges they face is the local bridge that connect to sides of the river because it is made of woods that can be broken at any moment.

Guests crossing over the woden bridge at Nonyogie