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Overview of BIFED 2007 - 2010

We thank God for our partners, and their contributions to this fund, specifically St. Hans who have been supporting us from the beginning. More than 34 needy students have benefited from the 40.0 million shillings that has been spent on tuition fees and educational work supported by this fund. Institutions like SEKUCo, Bangala Lutheran Junior Seminary and Irente Rainbow School are also beneficiaries of this fund. BIFEDimg


The diocese through BIFED’S board and other decision making bodies have been planning on several ways of fundraising for this fund in order to make it sustainable, among these is the investment of funds in some projects like Songe Hostel, Tumaini Bureau de Change and SEKUCo. Whereby in the long run BIFED will benefit from these projects.

Our educational institutions such as SEKUCo, Bangala LJS, Lwandai and NED church members have also been involved in funding this project, including other well wishers.

The demand for funds is very high because many young people are very eager in getting education, although many of them come from poor families if not orphans.

We trust God that much will be done trough this fund and that many young people will be able to get better education and become good and better leaders in the future. We appreciate your strong support as we walk together in supporting the disadvantaged in society.

Here is a list on the school fees that BIFED has been able to contribute the past years:

Year Purpose Amount Amount US$
2007 Rainbow School 2.000.000 1.344
2.299.250 1.545
2008 Rainbow School 2.000.000 1.344
Kana parish 2.000.000 1.344
Individuals 3.877.600 2.606
2009 Individuals 1.356.000 911
2010 Individuals 1.187.000 798
Total 14.719.850 9.892

Institutions that have received contributions from the BIFED fund:

Institution Amount Amount US$
Rainbow 4.000.000 2.688
Bangala L J Seminary 5.000.000 3.360
SEKUCo 12.000.000 8.064
Kana Parish 2.000.000 1.344
Kilindi Hostel (project) 6.000.000 4.032
Tumaini Bureau de Change 12.000.000 8.064
Total 41.000.000 27.552

Amount in US$ is calculated on exchange rate 2010-11-24.