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The 9th Synod Assembly after Centenary of Evangelism Held

Members of the meeting listerning

The Synod was opened officially on the 7th February by Bishop Charles Mjema from the Pare Diocese collaborating with Rev Lewis Shemkala. Among the invited guests were three other bishops: Andrew Gulle from Mwanza, ELCT presiding Bishop Dr. Alex Malasusa from Dar es Salaam and Bishop Anthony Banzi from the Catholic Diocese of Tanga.

Together with these church leaders, the government was represented by The Lushoto District Commissioner Ms Sophia Mjema. Two invited key speakers were Prof. Joseph Kuzilwa, the VC of Mzumbe University who presented a paper on The Church and Entrepreneurship and Dr. Fanuel Shechambo, the DPA of SEKUCo, who presented a paper on Church and Environment.

Ms Sophia Mjema during official opening

The meeting had opportunity to fulfill its constitutional role to vote of confidence to Bishop Munga who gradually got 173 yes votes out 176 total votes. Afterwards, Bishop Munga brought out the name of his assistent: Rev. Yohana Mmaka to be approved by the meeting. Rev Mmaka got 158 yes votes out of 178 total votes.

Bishop Munga caried after votes

Giving government greetings, Ms Sophia Mjema said the government is aware of the work the church is doing to improve the social economic status of the society by building schools, colleges as well as Hospital for health services. She encouraged the church leaders to help the government to work effectively on moral conducts of the society to be behave in a way pleased by people as the same as God himself.

Bishop Mjema right and Bishop Dr. Alex Malasusa left heading to the Hall for Opening

Meanwhile Bishop Mjema during opening sermon and other sessions he conducted he had repeatedly plead members of the meeting to be humble and strengthen their relationship with God instead of using much time solving small problems that could be escaped or easily solved.

Bishop Andrew Gulle during sermon

On the other hand, Bishop Gulle insisted on the fundamental reason why should people turn to God for no one knows what time will Jesus Christ come to for the last revelation. He gave an example that “there is a dog who normally hunts for rabbits and antelopes, but once it is nearly catching the rabbit it defeats the other dogs instead”. Meaning that their are some Christians who quarrels with others instead joining to defeat Satan.

Bishop Munga left introducing Rev.Mmaka as his assistent

Dr. Malasusa said, ELCT should learn on keeping things done rather than quarrels which  have no any advantage for church development, he plead pastors to unite and work as a team because all are building the same house of the Lord.

Bishop Malasusa giving official ELCT greetings

However, Bishop Munga warned the Government leaders on matters that are not implemented as the wish of voters that the next election such acts will not be tolerated no more. He plead Tanzanians to fight for their rights and speak on issues people think has been done out of nation interest.  He insisted Tanzania is for Tanzanian that their needs as voters much be implemented.

The meeting was closed by Bishop Mjema on 10th Feb 2011 evening.

SEKUCo assembly hall