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Lunguza Confirmed 36 Youths

36 teen goes through a confirmation ceremony at Lunguza Sub Parish to TEWE who believed to be an adult and responsible for their own decisions. According to North Eastern Diocese (NED) the ceremony is conducted mostly after two years. 16 of them are boys the rest 20 been girls. Confirmed Youth  sitting during sermon



Attending as the guest of honor Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga on 10th July 2011 confirmation ceremony at Lunguza, he congratulates the youth and their parents for reaching that important holistic stage as being self responsible for their faith. He added from the word of this year from Isaiah 40:31 that God himself help his people to pass hardships to the eternally life.


Bishop Munga during sermon

From the ELCT calendar, 10th – 16th week is headed by the title “we are saved by the grace”, where Munga insisted our existing has nothing from our own efforts but rather the grace. He warned people who proud themselves and want to grab the grace by their own will, it is just by grace they exist.

Choir singing during the event


However Bishop Munga encourages youth and their parents to invest in Education, he invites them to pursue their higher learning studies at SEKUCo for it is their college.

Lunguza Sub Parish building

Presenting a brief report on the NED progress the General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka he insisted on good progress of different project as directed by Synod Assembly earlier February 2011. He also mentioned on preliminary stages of Radio Studio and Recording that are on progress.

Maasai choir singing

Together with Bishop Munga, other 8 pastors aided the event. Dean of Northern Deanery Rev. Samwel Mhonge led the liturgy aided by Rev. Chedi.

More choirs had an oppurtunity to celebrate the confirmation ceremony

The confirmation ceremony ended peaceful.

People from different places witness the event