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New edition of Beyond the Controversy

Dear Librarians
Dear all,
I hereby inform you about a second edition of the book titled Beyond the Controversy: A study of African Theologies of inculturation and Liberation.

Beyond the Controversy, by Dr Stephen Munga, is an attempt to bring into dialogue theology and politics, cultures and traditions, literature and philosophy. It explicitly shows the context in which we do theology is not isolated from the ordinary world of other disciplines and daily human existence. Theology is one of the players of the same game of knowledge. Beyond the Controversy is just a single attempt to bring systematic theology into encounter with other disciplines. Actually the methodology and the outcomes of this attempt diverge greatly from the traditional way of doing systematic theology. Theology has always survived the tides of time by actively being in the playground. Just as the church is sent to the world to be there in a special mission so does theology- it should be there. Theology has to be in the world of other disciplines if it is to understand and influence the world of other disciplines. Finally Beyond the Controversy is a voice of the struggle against injustice. It symbolizes the inner spirit of the author that liberation from oppressions is never a free gift rather a reward to be earned through struggles. If liberation comes as a gift then it is only God who can offer it in that way. Otherwise liberation from the chains of oppression by fellow human beings is always an achievement through struggles Beyond the Controversy is now widely used as a course book in some universities and colleges. It is the hope of the author that the inspiration of taking theology to the public arena will increase so that theology can shape the world just as other academic disciplines do.

The book was previously published by Lund University Press and can be traced under Lund University library catalogue as among 1998 PhD dissertations. This new edition is published by Tumaini University Makumira under Makumira Publications.
The price of one copy of the book is Tshs. 20,000/= or US$ 15 or Euro 10. Discount will be offered for those purchasing more than 25 copies in one order. Shipping charges depend on the size of the parcel and place.

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