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The youth choir’s festival held


Congregation and the Building inside

The festival organized by the youth of North Eastern Diocese through their leaders was held on 3-4 September 2011 with great success as targeted.

About Youth 960 gathered in the congregation of Korogwe, Plains Deanery for official opening by Bishop Stephen Munga, the session began with seminars and short teachings of the Bible and then launches a festival of singing.

Choir singing traditional song

The aim of the day is for youth to exchange idea with Bishop, each congregation was to be represented by 35 youths, it was very grateful to God for enabling these congregations to send their youngsters in the festival.

Congregation singing together

During the opening Bishop Munga encouraged young people to work hard and involve more into beneficial things instead of waiting for help and blaming Government for poor services. The goal is to restore the unity among youth to participation in different church activities including decision making.

KANA choir singing

Youth choirs from all parishes showed their talents in singing. All did well but there are also those who seemed better prepared and were given gifts as a mark of recognition to the importance of making rehearsal before concerts.

Bishop Munga during sermon

The congregation attended by thousands of believers and non believers, the choir were great attraction and people were very happy even though the service was longer than usual.

Leaders and congregation listerning keenly and enjoy singing

During the sermon Bishop Munga congratulated the youth, say they still need to practice more and more because the gifts were given to glorify God. He also congratulated the Vuga college music unit who made the job of preparing musicians.

A word of closing from Bishop Munga

Ministry simply used the two days on 3-4/09/2011, later the young were returned to their home congregation send the message given by Bishop Munga during the workshop.

Principal Dean Rev. Mmaka leading Liturgy (right)