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Bangala Graduation honoured by Bishop Munga

Bangala Administration block
Bangala Lutheran Junior Seminary last Saturday 24th September 2011 celebrated form four graduation with the total of 58 students, who will sit for final examination next month. The seminary has the total of 203 students including ordinary level (form one to four) and advanced level (form five & six).
Form four students presenting their speech to the guest of honor Bishop Munga, said the school had the plan to build library, laboratory, increases classrooms, and to build school dispensary, while promise to do better in their coming examinations compare to the last results of 2010.
Some form four students
However, students had a plead to the guest of honor to keep on struggling to connect school to the National grid for electricity because the area has not yet connected to the TANESCO power because the area is remote. But Bishop Promise the effort has been made in collaboration with the District officers and the results will be seen.
From left: Mr Singano, Bishop Munga, Rev Tittu and Rev Kibanga
Bishop Munga during his speech he stressed the goal to establish the seminary that is for developing students who will serve the society regardless their status. He insisted that it should be highly differentiated from normal secondary school that aims to provide only education.
Prosessions to the venue ready for Graduation ceremony
The speeches were followed by honoring graduating students received its certificate and congratulated one another.
Students singing school song
The relationships you have built there have been really important to you I know you will use that experiences to build more relationships together to build our nation, said Headmaster Mr. Singano