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Youth caravan in Tanzania

The youth caravan has reached the second country on its journey to South Africa, Tanzania. At the concert in Dar es Salaam the youth was given the support of the Vice President of Tanzania.
On Tuesday the caravan embarked on its longest drive so far to get to the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.


The Vice President of Tanzania Dr Mohamed Ghalib Bilal speaks during “We Have Faith - Act Now for Climate Justice” Youth Concert  at the Don Bosco Pangani grounds in Dar es salaam yesterday 9th November 2011 a preliminary preparation to Durban South Africa in 17th Meeting on Climate change at the end of November
On the way the caravan passed Mount Kilimanjaro, and the participants were lucky to see the famous mountain from the roadside. The snow cap on Kilimanjaro is melting due to climate change and this is causing flooding in rivers in the surrounding area.
The Vice President of Tanzania Dr Mohamed Ghalib Bilal signing the We have faith Declaration on Climate Change during Youth Concert yesterday
David Winaina, representing the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) on the caravan, is concerned about these developments. When the rivers overflow it affects the livelihoods of people living there. We should act now to stop climate change, he says. From
The Vice President of Tanzania Dr Mohamed Ghalib Bilal great Fatuma Mussa, Tanzania representative among the youth to Durban on 17th Meeting about Climate Change. Beside is Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga (with purple shirt)