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North Eastern Diocese Special Assembly Synod Held


In the evening of 28th Feb 2012 the special assembly members met at SEKUCo Campus B ready for opening. Around 17:30 GTM the meeting was opened with a prayer after which Rev. James Mwinuka introduced the Invited guests and the members of the synods according to their origin places. The meeting was attended by 200 members whereby 160 were voters and 32 invited guests. Bishop Munga (Middle) Leading the Synod assembly

The next morning Bishop Rev Dr Stephen Munga started with a bible verse from Isaiah 40:31 which says” but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” he added that the verse is the one strengthen them in fulfilling the work of God

Bishop Munga reading opening speech

The purpose of the special assembly is to vote for Executive Council and to approve the names of the Deaneries’ Dean, the names were Michael Kanju - Northern Deanery, Yambazi Mauya - Southern Deanery, Amasia Kaoneka - Coastal Deanery and Moses Shemweta - Plain Deanery.

Bishop Munga Shaking hand with new deanery deans after nomination

Bishop Munga insisted on team work among the members in working as one to meet the needs of the Diocese, given that you’re the chosen ones representing Diocese it’s obligatory to avoid personal interest, groups and individualism he said.

Bishop Munga with Former Deanery's Dean

He added, what will hinder the achievements and respect of the diocese is bad intention from groups or even ones heart if tribalism and greedy gets in the way everything will be in vain. He further added if any member has that feeling is better to stop and make confession, we are all Christian.

Holy Sacrament sharing service

Bishop Rev. Dr Stephen Munga concluded that members should stand together in serving God happily that God will send His Holy Spirit among them so as to lead to the conclusion of the gathering.

Rev. Walalaze holding NED Constistution ask for a leading during session

Conclusively the special assembly voted for members of Executive council from the selected names in different congregation according to NED constitution.

Rev Joyce Kibanga preaching on closing service Synod Members following Chairmar leading keenly