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Baptism and Confirmation at Magamba Lutheran Parish

A confirmation service at Magamba Lutheran Parish NED-ELCT held Sunday 5th August 2012, at SEKUCo Main Hall Campus B. The event was headed by Bishop Munga aided by Pastors. 6 Adults were baptized and 58 receive confirmation.

Rev. Yohana Mmaka, Principal Dean, lead liturgy aided by other pastors from different parishes from within the diocese. Rev. Bishop Munga during sermon he stressed on Education for youth as the only inheritance remains.

Confirmation candidates
Munga insisted the world has changed and only education can serve the life of youth whether for employment or entrepreneurship. You have all the reasons to be proud being close to SEKUCo for cutting down accommodation cost, you can easily stay home and come to the university Said Munga.

Bishop Munga winds up by a word of thanks
However youth on their speech to Bishop Munga they encourage the efforts the diocese has to improve education services and the campaign to protect environment, natural resources especially on how they will support the livelihoods of Tanzanians and the sustainable economic development of the country.

Habari Njema Choir from Cathedral Lushoto (standing) singing during service
Many people attended the event including Parents and family members of the baptized and confirmed youth.

Newly Installed Rev Mwarabu Daniel in confirmation service at Magamba

Parents and family of the confirmed candidates