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Preparing for new Radio


North Eastern Diocese through Utume Recoding Studio is currently recording some of their choirs as final part of testing it's Radio Station construction completion Blind School students recording

Thanks  to the choir itself, for sharing their beautiful voices and for not minding some of the newly recording environment. We've got very nice recordings from this show. This is the only one of its kind where students from School for the blind truly used for the first time.

Lutindi Choir Making rehasal recording in a vocal room

We also had nice time recording with Lutindi Choir playing Guitar and keyboard and Magamba choir singing without accompaniement (accapela). Together, we had Daniel Munga who played 19 piano songs.

Daniel Stephen Munga recording piano

We hope to the songs are to be heard soon once we are done with govenment procedure for radio brodcasting licence.

Stay tuned!

Sound producer recording while controling vocal room