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A 5-day Visit from SEPA


Bishop Claire Schenot Burkat of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod (SEPA) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is visiting the North Eastern Diocese- ELCT Lushoto Tanga, meeting Bishop Rev Dr. Stephen Munga and Administration officials and some institutions Heads. The SEPA and NED is partner in many ways in religious, social issues and academics. Bishop Burkat during sermon at Lushoto cathedral


Classes at ICH
The aim of the visit as stated by Bishop Burkat earlier in different gathering she had with different institution which is an expression of solidarity between the partnerships. She said Christians in SEPA synod understands fully the situation in the NED and its institutions as well as good plans for the coming Jubilee of 125 years and what can be shared for the glory of God.
A Reception at ICH
The tour started on Friday to Irente School for the Blind were she was briefed on the schedule of students at Irente although it is holiday but students stay at school. She visited different places at the school compound headed by Mama Mshaulwa Reuben the Head of Institution aided by Mwalimu Celina the head teacher. Later on she visited Irente Childrens Home before Lunch time at Irente Biodiversity Reserve. The Briefing at Irente was headed by Sir Enna Mdemu aided by a Couple of volunteers from America. 
Afterward, the delegation was lead to SEKOMU by the General Secretary Rev James Mwinuka and received at Campus A by the SEKOMU vice chancellor Rev Dr. Anneth Munga aided by senior officials. The tour stated at campus A new Hall with its units and the after to Campus B. Bishop Burkat had enough time at SEKOMU and briefed on different sections by the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor Planning Finance and Administration: Mr. Josephat Semkiwa.
Congregation listening to Bishop Burkat
Bishop Burkat, accompanied by Joanne Carlson Assistant to the Bishop for Global Vision and Events whom also participate in briefings and On Saturday they had to meet with leaders of the parishes with partnership with parishes to SEPA just for a talk. Bishop Burkat had two services on Sunday the first and the second at Cathedral were she led the sermons. The liturgy part lead by Rev Dr. Ngugi and Rev Charles Lumwe translate for the Bishop. 
From left Rev Dr Ngugi Bishop Burkat and Rev Charles Lumwe
However, Bishop Burkat with her assistant will be at Irente on Monday with volunteers for evaluation and briefing of their stay at Irente Childrens Home. Later on the delegation will leave to Arusha for the 50th Anniversary of ELCT were Bishop Claire Burkat represents ELCA.
Blessings from Bishop Burkat to SEKOMU staff
At EKOMU briefing with Rev Dr Munga
Group photo at ICH
Group photo with church elders
Group photo with some parish members
Picture of the Tour