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Irente Primary School for the Blind marks 50 Anniversary

Irente Primary School for the Blind on 28 July 2013, celebrate 50 years anniversary since its establishment in 1963. The school was first meant to be for blind girls. Later - in 1974 - the mission changed by including boys. The school is owned the North Eastern Diocese supported by Christoffer Blinden Mission (CBM), the Tanzania government and well-wishers.  Youngest student lighting one the five candles to mark the 10 years
The School offer education to blind and partially sighted students as directed by the Ministry of Education and vocational training in Tanzania despite the school also teach other subjects like orientation and mobility. The registered students are 317, and 163 graduates.  The currently present students are 64 with 23 teachers and 14 supporting staff.
Irente Blind primary school students
The school also works together with some associations like TLB (Tanzania Leag for the Blind) and Tanzania society of the Blind. 
Bishop Rev Dr. Stephen Munga lighiting the fifth candle to mark 50 years of Irente Primary Blind school
Honoring the event as the Guest of honor Bishop Munga of NED-ELCT said he appreciate the effort to establish such institution to its fifty years Today, it is easy to count years but 50 years in work it is not easy. He acknowledges the work done by the teachers and all well-wishers.  Munga instated Culture influences behaviors and interactions. Our culture also mediates how we make sense of disability and respond to people with disability. We should not view disabled people as the objects of charity and children with disabilities should be educated as much as is appropriate since Tanzania has adopted and implemented a number of laws, policies and standards pertaining to people with disabilities, including their right to productive and decent work, vocational training and basic services. The 1977 Constitution and its amendments prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities. 
Dr Macha planting a tree The handmade chair by students sold during the auction by Bishop Munga at a price of TZS 1Million equivalent to 625USDFurthermore, he said since Tanzania has signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) and Optional protocol on 30th Mar 2007 and ratify it on 10th Nov 2009 but still there some little problems in implementing due to mentality. 
Dr Macha lingting the fourth candle
In different speeches delivered by students and teachers they ask well-wishers to support their works and studies so that they can perform well due to many circumstances around them. Former students were invited and many of them appeared to the event that are at different level of education, makes more excitement and encourages the present student.
Invited guests from left: Sr Enna Mdemu, Dr. Anneth Munga, Rev Yambazi Mauya, Ret.Bishop Jally, Sarah Jally and Mrs Elifride Kolowa
The event was attended by the NED-ELCT officials with Government representatives from different sectors. Friends and community around irente participated in preparatory activities.