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Southern Deanery Held council meeting


New Southern deanery administration
The Southern deanery of North Eastern Diocese held its council meeting yesterday 22nd August 2013 at Deanery headquarters at Soni. Leading the meeting Rev. Yambazi Mauya Deanery dean opened the meeting around 10.30 am. The council attended by the all deanery pastors, deacons and representatives as per the North Eastern Diocese constitutional directives.


Among the discussed agenda was to strengthen VICOBA (village community bank) within deanery parishes as to improve the living standard of their members to meet some of the essential needs. People in village must engage in small business through VICOBA.
Also the continuity of the deanery Secondary school named St. Paul Bungu Secondary school to meet the directives from the North Eastern Diocese Executive Council that every deanery must have its own secondary school for students within the deanery even outside. Members were setting strategies to fulfill the directive.

New appointed Deaneary dean assistant, Rev Edward Mkocha (standing)
However, deanery established some departments and elects leaders to work in hand with the deanery dean; Diakonic department headed by Rev Chrispas Kanju and Rev. Edward Msocha, Youth Department headed by Deakon Paul Kivatiro, Education department headed by Rev. Gideon Ngotonyingi, Fellowship Department headed Rev. Daniel Mwarabu and Deakon Stephen Muhangwa, Music Department headed by Deakon Jeremiah Mboko and Deakon Kivatiro the last Stewardship Department headed by Deakons Mary Tewele and Charles Mngano.

Rev. Yambazi Mauya Center leading the meeting
 The last but not least discussion was on the dates to inaugurate the Jubilee works in the deanery level , where the deanery  inauguration set to be on 30th November 2013 followed by the Parish level to the sub parishes. The discussion was on how to work on the Jubilee works set by the North Eastern Diocese Executive council that falls within the Southern deanery and its implementations.
The last agenda was the appointing of the Assistant to the deanery dean, where Rev. Edward Msocha was appointed and approved by the members. Afterwards there were secret ballot elections for the Deanery Secretary since the previous one passed away and the vacancy remain to be filled. Mama Magreth Msagati contested with David Kika and lastly Mama Msagati emerged the winner.
The meeting was lastly closed by Rev. Yambazi Mauya around 03.30pm.

council members listens to the chairman


Group photo of members of the Deanery council