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A 2013 Parish choir at Korogwe

Choir from Kisosora
A 2013 choir Festival, Parish choir (Elders) has brought outstanding choirs, a non-competitive showcase Festival, all invited choir are the best of the best. The society around Korogwe Parish and parish members who can't seem to get enough of their music waited choirs to perform enthusiastic.  Music and culture cross boundaries, helping to bring the Diocese a little closer, through music.

Enthusiastic audiences enjoy exceptional concerts performed by choirs representing Parishes from four districts, southern, northern, plain and coastal district. This year Parish choirs only participated for directives from organizing committee. Hosting allows for a uniquely personal Festival experience, and many lasting friendships have developed between host and guest(s) throughout the years, sometimes lasting a lifetime!

Choir from coastal areas in traditional cloths

The organizing committee prepares all breakfasts and lunches. Most choir members arrived for the 2013 Festival on Saturday morning because they were few.

Amani Choir
However, the Utume Production unity a newly established studio record the whole event in a DVD format and reserved for some who may want for a little price as ten US dollars per copy. 
Korogwe ChoirThe event was opened by North Eastern Diocese, Principal Dean Rev. Yohana Mmaka and closed by Bishop Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga. On his closing remarks Munga said “We learned that it doesn’t matter where someone is from, that we all have so much in common. I know the Festival is about music, but it really is about so much more! It was wonderful and a great experience.”
some of the parishners who get chance inside
Rev. Yohana Mmaka Opening the choir festival
Bishop Munga handling a troph for number one winner from Korogwe