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2013 form four class graduation shines

Rev. James Mwinuka addressing the mass as the guest of honor
26th October 2013, beautiful morning, beautiful weather and people with happy faces waiting for the guest of honor Rev. James Mwinuka to arrive. Rev. Mwinuka was also the former headmaster of Lwandai. All 148 graduates looked amazing and ready for the ceremony.
Lwandai secondary school is one among the best schools in Tanga region, with competent teachers and suitable environment for studies. Going with a new government slogan BIG RESULT NOW, teachers and board members set big plans for change in education results to produce competent graduates in science fields. 
Form four listening keenly to the guest of honor speech Rev. James Mwinuka
Lwandai secondary started in 1987. It has 669 students, 374 boys and 295 girls, teaching staff members 28 and non-teaching staff 26. Academic performance is good whereby in 2011 average performance was 94.6% and in 2012 it was 99% whereby 2013 class promise to do better on their exams to start on 4th November 2013. 
Herieth second from right joined by parent and relatives after graduation for ceremony
However, the School Board chairperson Mama Doroth Sechambo encouraged the graduates and the remaining students to work hard and never to give up. By the help from God they will do extremely well and 2013 form four class will have good results. She also invited form six graduate to join Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) for the courses offered there.
Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge - these were the words of Mr. Mwanga to the graduates, he spoke on behalf of the form four parents. He insisted that teachers should be motived so as to work heartedly and love their work.
One the remaining student awarded gift for overall good perfomance in class
The ceremony hall was almost bursting with joyful noise when the guest of honor Rev. James Mwinuka stood for his speech. Education is the key for success! These were the words uttered by Rev. Mwinuka to the graduates and invited guests.
Moreover Rev. Mwinuka encouraged the teachers of Lwandai to go for further studies in order to be competent, because the world is changing in science and technology as well as the form of education.
Furthermore, Rev. Mwinuka congratulated graduates and asked them not to follow bad conduct in the outside world. So many youth are being addicted with drugs and have destroyed all their dreams.
Parents, graduates and remaining student celebrated the day as one big family and the graduation was among the best ever.
Some Parents sitting others stayed outside due insufficient hall space