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Irente Primary School for the Blind mark the 39th Graduation

Graduates with gown
The 39th graduation ceremony at Irente Primary School for the blind in Lushoto held on 15th November, 2013. Graduates were five; lucky enough chosen to join form one after standard seven results. It was a remarkable day seen children’s singing highly talented and playing piano.

Irente School for blind is among the three schools started by the church, Irente was opened by the North Eastern Diocese in 1963. In the year 1963 they only admitted blind girls but the system changed in 1974 and started to receive boys as well.

Extra caricula activities
The school has achieved its goal of having good performance hence 199 student finished standard seven since the school started,139 student performed  and joined form one and others have degree, diploma and even PhD.
Graduates pose for a group photo with high table
Majority of Irente student are employed in different government sectors like educational sector, law firms and other private sectors. 
However, the school faces challenges due to lack of some equipment’s like Braille machines, handheld magnifier for low vision students, lack of textbooks and additional books as well as classes renovation. 
Ms Miriam Mndeme (Middle) honored by gift
Although the school has other incoming generating activities like growing vegetables, craft training and fish ponds, they have managed to cover some students living costs.
Rev. Joyce Kibanga stressing a point during graduation ceremonyGuest of honor Ms Miriam Mndeme insisted the parents to be the first ones to help the school buy contributing and give even the little they have to bring changes, also guest of honor promised to buy one Braille machine.
Student demonstrating the of braille machine in writing
The day was also a joyous day to the remaining students because it was also a closing day for them, for they have at school for a whole year, some left with their parents. The ceremony was accompanied by entertainments. 
One of the graduate receiving gift from the guest of honor
Some invited guests and parents of graduates