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They call it Orphanage, we call it Home

Irente children home is the best orphanage home for little children, good climate, good atmosphere and good people around. It feels like home the place is surrounded with warmth of love and care given to the little angels.
However, ICH is still strategizing to bringi changes and better environment for the children as well as to register the college to be recognized by the government so that graduates could guaranteed with jobs after their studies.  
Not only but the ICH want to be self-governing economically and that is why they have projects to support themselves, like hostels, kiosk, vegetable garden and fruit garden some for consumption and the rest for marketing.
ICH is still encouraging well-wishers to visit the institution like other from different parts of the world who have contributed to the wellbeing of the institution. Their help and support is really appreciated and God will bless them abundantly. 
Moreover, ICH is constructing a house for the children who are living in poor condition. This is meant for boys, after the institution will build another for girls so as they can stay as one during holidays.  
ICH is where when you visit you will see how children are being raised, eating well balanced food just like home. Come for a visit, help the institutes so as they can feel part of the society. A child needs love, care and all basic needs with the government support and people from all over the world the child will get all the basic needs especially good education and good health.
The most and beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart, let your heart feel the love to the children and that love you feel lead you to bring changes and support in Irente children home. Let love lead.