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Farewell Party

Miss Lorenza Marzo  excited after seeing her favourite colour

North Eastern Diocese bid farewell to the Director of Economy, Planning and Development Miss Lorenza Marzo who worked for one and a half years. 

The earth is a compass so a goodbye is always a new beginning. We wishes you all the best on your way forward. As you enter a new phase of life and life goes on day by day, don’t forget to keep in touch and fondly do we say you’ll always be thought of here in the most cherished way. Some remarks from NED colleagues. 

Lorenza also had some comments for NED staff: She was thankful for the time she had been working as EPD director, for support she got and for the team work. She insisted workers have to be trusted and whenever there is good performance one should be given initiative.
General Secretary standing from (L) addressing during farewell party opening
However the General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka acknowledges the work done by Lorenza saying she was tough, hard worker and always want to meet deadline. She is gifted in Economy and Finance said Mwinuka.
Lorenza poses with new NED staff
NED staff had Lunch with Miss Lorenza and exchanging words in different time. Ms Lorenza was given a gift as a sign of remembrance presented to her by The Principal Dean Rev Yohana Mmaka.
Sisters, Theresia (L) and Lorenza
NED staff showing happy faces after hearing Lorenza's words of appreciation