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Inauguration of the 10th NED Ordinary General Assembly


Group Discussion
The Tenth Ordinary General Assembly was inaugurated 1st December at Lushoto Cathedral and lasts to 3rd December 2014. In the opening Rt,Rev. Dr. Stephen I. Munga of North Eastern Diocese talked on the theme Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it Psalm 37:5.

Dr.Munga, who is also a chairman of the general assembly, said he has seen the goodness of the LORD to him and to the entire Diocese. In the opening remarks he stressed on the constitutional responsibilities members vested with that they can give directives, advise and give opinions to diocesan management and its institutions for implementation.

Bishop Munga (Middle) chairing the meeting


Presenting his report, Bishop Munga read the report aided by directorates Directors and insists after presentations members are free to ask for some clarification if any. After some clarifications members were grouped into 5 categories, Economy Planning and Development, Social Services, Mission and Evangelism, Finance and Administration and SEKOMU. After group discussion each group had to present to general assembly for more clarifications.

Bishop Charles Mjema Preaching


Members congratulate the Diocesan management and acknowledge achievements but also gave opinion for some departments to do much better. Rt, Rev. Charles Mjema from Pare Diocese insisted NED diocesan members to acknowledge their achievement and be proud for who they are today. We from outside feel so proudly about your achievements. During his teaching he stresses on UNITY and dependence in God himself. Where you are today is by grace of the LORD and not somebody else. Rev Mjema gave a lot of examples that NED parishmembers must stand united and work hard for the coming Jubilee celebration of 125 years of evangelism. You have come from far away; you must succeed in your plans before the mark of the Jubilee next year.

Members following report presentations keenly

In the last day of discussion Bishop Munga told the members on behalf of the diocesan management and its institutions, all recommendations and opinions are going to be implemented and the next general meeting will evaluate. The meeting ends on 3rd December Midnight, Bishop Munga lead the closure session and members depart.



Lushoto atmosphere was cool all the meeting days.