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First Ordinary Synod Assembly After The Jubilee Of 125 Years Of Evangelism

The North Eastern Diocese (NED) – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT)   held its 1st Ordinary Synod Assembly after the Jubilee of 125 years of Evangelism. The meeting was on 8th – 11th March 2016 at the Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) - Campus B.


Rev. Bishop Munga  (middle),General secretary James Mwinuka( left ),and the Principal  Dean Rev Yohana Mmaka right side. Singing during opening of Synod.



This is an ordinary diocesan constitutional Synod meeting opened at 14.00 hours Tanzanian time. Among the invited guests are three, Bishop Dr. Abedinego Keshomshahara from North Western Diocese Bukoba, Bishop Charles Mjema and Prof. Joseph Kuzilwa from Mzumbe University.


The Synod meeting has to discuss the work performance report, approving of the Assistant to the Bishop appointed and elect members of the Executive Council. The assistant to Bishop elect is Rev. Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi whom before appointed he was Deputy Vice Chancellor- Planning, Finance and Administration at SEKOMU.


The four appointed deaneries’ dean, Rev. Peter Bendera-Northern Deanery, Rev. Daniel Andrea Mwarabu-Southern Deanery, Rev. Yambazi Mauya-Plain deanery and Rev. Moses Shemweta-Coast Deanery. 


However, Prof. Joseph Kuzilwa had time to present a paper on the importance of establishing endowment fund for the diocese on ongoing operations or other specified purposes. In his 45 minutes he elaborates clear and responds to questions from Synod meeting members.


Rev. Bishop Keshomshahara, leading sermon from Psalm 117 he insists the Psalm follows a command/reason pattern. We are told what to do in v. 1 and why we do it in v. 2. 

He said, the Psalm begins with a call to praise the Lord “Praise is a choice, not a feeling. We are not to praise the Lord only when we feel warm and fuzzy inside. We are to praise Him even in our most troubled moments. For even during those times, He is still our God.”


Given time to greet after his arrival on 3rd day, Rev. Bishop Charles Mjema emphasize unity, he said “So the calling which we’ve received is a calling to be the new people of God bound together in unity under Christ”


The Synod meeting was closed at 5:00 hrs Tanzanian time and followed by sacrament service. All synod members depart to their homes and soon we will inform you our readers on the consecration date for Principal Dean elect and deaneries’ dean.



Rev. Bishop Steven Munga presenting work performance report.



Some synod members following work perfomance report.



Rev. Bishop Keshomshahara preaching  in the synod meeting.



Principal Dean elect  Rev. Dr.  Eberhardt Ngugi



Newly elected executive council members.