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Increasing Household income for Maasai Women livestock Pastoralists in Maili Nane community in Duga Maforoni Tanga.

Facilitator Elizabeth Msoka(right side) and chair person of the Group Rebeka Isaya(left side)

The project which has been initiated by the department of Gender and Children in the North Eastern Diocese aims at supporting income generating activities such as indigenous poultry farming and Bead  making, to  enhance pastoralist woman’s self esteem and strengthen their social –economic position both within the household and in the community.

Nashipai (Meaning Joy) Women’s Group has 30 women in which every individual  rears  some chicken for household income.


Since Maasai women in this community lack property ownership including livestock, experience low level of education, child marriages, heavy workloads  and  physical sufferings, these project  aims  at empowering them with knowledge and skills to enhance and improve their household economic situations. It does not only  provide economic support but also make the women  less financially dependent on men and assisting in attitudinal change towards women.


Children from the community

The training included  women from Nashipai Group and village elders who were also interested  knowing what the seminar was all about.


Elders from the community




The project has purchased breeder cocks for each group member.