Mbuyukenda Restaurant and Hostel in Tanga

Mbuyukenda was an old German mission station but has now been developed into hostel and restaurant.
Mbuyukenda is located in a peaceful part of Tanga near the sea and has got big garden with beautiful big trees.
Mbuykenda consists of three houses:
  • In the newly renovated guesthouse there are 1 single room, 2 double rooms and 1 triple room. All these rooms are self-contained. There is also sitting room in this building.
  • In the old “Mission house” there are 4 double rooms, but none are as yet self-contained. In the Mission house the restaurant is situated.
  • The third house Kana house, has got 3 self-contained double rooms.
The restaurant is opened 7.00 am to 9.30 pm every day
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served
  • Buffet can be arranged
  • Out catering
  • Lunch boxes
Mbuykenda Hostel    
PO, Box 115      
Tanga, Tanzania 

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027- 264 0094 (office)