Towards opening Sebastian Kolowa University College

Venue & Furniture 

What we have
We are planning to open SEKUCO at Magamba, a village located north of Lushoto town. The diocese owns 390 acres of land in this area. Within that land, there are already buildings that can accommodate 500 students! The buildings are worn out, but they are stable and safe. They are divided in two campuses which are very close to each other.
One campus of these buildings has been standing empty since mid-1990s. For the sake of clarity, I will now on refer to it as Campus A.
The other campus has been used as a Secondary School since the 1960s. It was called Magamba Secondary school and was first built by the church. During the wave of nationalization in our country, the government took over the school. On the request from the diocese leadership to the Minister of Education and Culture, the government decided to give back Magamba Secondary School to our diocese on 11th of October 2005. I will be referring to this venue as Campus B.

SEKUCO is therefore expected to be accommodated at Campuses A and B in Magamba where we have:

  • 4 big and 15 small houses for a total of 500 students.
  • 15 lecture rooms and staff offices of different sizes
  • 21 staff houses
  • Dining hall and kitchen
  • Assembly hall
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Laboratory
  • Dispensary
Campus A
Campus A - empty since the mid 90'ies
What we need
Truly we need a lot of money. The engineer will present the costs next week. However, he has already given a preliminary hint on how the costs may look. For quality work we will need as many doors as possible to be opened so that we get adequate funds. The costs for furniture have been made and I will present them to you together with the renovation costs.
How you may support us
Help us to find money for this work. We welcome big as well as small donations. We welcome your assistance either by trying to find money or by giving us advice on how we may get the money. The renovation will not be easy but it is fully possible. We already tested our ability in carrying out the renovation of Irente Rainbow School. Although that renovation was a small-scale work compared to what lies ahead of us in Magamba, we know that it is possible to turn worn-out, shattered buildings into a beautiful place.