Towards opening Sebastian Kolowa University College

Teaching and non-teaching staff


What we have
Hitherto we have not yet started to recruit any staff member. However, with regard to expertise, we have started to look around for professors and lecturers for the faculties of

  • Special Needs Education
  • Nature Resources’ Conservation and Tourism
  • Law
  • Business

The faculties of Neurology and Psychiatry, Swahili, and Technology will be introduced successively.


According to University standards in Tanzania, a person can teach at a University in the following capacities:

  •  Masters Degree - Assistant Lecturer
  • Ph. D: Lecturer - Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor – depending on working experience and production of scholarly works.

The Administrative Structure of SEKUCO will be the same as that of other Constituent Colleges of Tumaini University. The Provost will be appointed by the Executive Council of the diocese.

What we need
To identify and recruit people with the required qualifications is an enormous task. Even in the fields of Law and Business which are very popular in our country, it is not easy to get instructors. Considering the fact that the only Training College for Special Needs Teachers in our country does not have a lecturer who is a Ph.D holder, we know that we will need support in this field from outside the country. In the field of Nature Resources’ Conservation and Tourism, we expect to find experts within the country but we need input from outside Tanzania as well.
How you may support us

If you are a Master or Ph. D holder and have the experience of lecturing in any of the mentioned fields, or if you know someone with relevant qualifications who might be interested, please let us know. If you are a professor in any of these fields and you are planning for Sabbatical Leave, please consider coming to SEKUCO for your Sabbatical Year.

If you are an experienced instructor in English language, you are also welcome to contact us. The medium of instruction from Secondary School education to University Studies is English. Therefore, the students who join SEKUCO should be expected to have a good command in English. However, reality has shown that there are students who may join university studies with poor English. Therefore, before the students begin the studies in their respective programs, they will get a short but intensive course in English.

Maybe you can help us to find Universities that will form partnership with SEKUCO through international/exchange programs. This will enable SEKUCO and the partner University to exchange instructors as well as students. Instructors can cooperate in developing curricula and researchers will be able to merge their efforts, with the result of improving the quality education.