Towards opening Sebastian Kolowa University College

Equipment & instruction facilities

What we have 

In order to be able to provide high quality education, SEKUCO ought to be equipped with a good text book library and reliable internet connections. We have a library and a computer room but they are empty.

With regard to power supply, there is electricity in Magamba, but like the rest of Tanzania it is not stable. Unstable internet connections are available in Lushoto.

What we need
Stable and safe supply of energy through generator or solar panels is needed. Also we need computers which will enable us to have a well-functioning computer lab. A satellite dish would secure stable internet connections. We also need an expert who will help us to start a computer lab and maintain it. For the library we need many text books.
How you may support us
You can give us books that are related to the mentioned field. Since books are very expensive, we will not be able to buy new books frequently. Therefore we need books that will not be outdated within a couple of years. If there are computer companies that would be willing to help us with 30 computers, or some of them, please invite them to support SEKUCO. For the generator, solar panels and satellite dish we need funds as well. The costs for purchasing and installing a satellite dish are 3,800 US$. Even here, a partner University would be useful.