Towards opening Sebastian Kolowa University College

Timetable of November


6/11  Engineer visited Magamba and made a preliminary check up of all buildings at Campuses A and B.
 22/11  Engineer and his team returned and made a thorough investigation of the buildings of both Campus A and B.
 23 - 24/11 The Executive Council of the diocese has its last session for 2005 in Lushoto. The project director is presenting a report about the on-going preparations.
28/11 - 2/12 Engineer and project director will meet in Lushoto and Magamba. We expect the renovation costs to be ready by then.
 30/11 Documents will be sent to the Higher Education Accreditation Council and thereby the process of registering SEKUCO will begin. The documents include the Project Write-up, a draft of the 5 year master plan and a draft of the Constitution of SEKUCO.