Acquire Knowledge, Serve with Compassion

Examination in sign langauage 

A Student being examined in Sign Language

Education offered at SEKUCo will combine knowledge of mind and commitment of heart.

We want to produce graduates who will put the poorest of the poor high on their priority lists as they serve the Tanzanian society. The integration of the perspective from below as a cross-cutting concept in all programs at SEKUCo is motivated by Christian humanistic values as well as the ELCT-NED’s diakonia history.


Scholars, Researchers, Administrators, Civil servants, Business people and Entrepreneurs who have their minds and hearts at the right place are needed not only within the church but also in the whole society of Tanzania.  In particular, they are needed if the lowest people in the social pyramid are ever to be liberated from the yokes of oppression, degradation, humiliation and stigmatisation that they often endure silently and unnoticed.
Therefore the Motto of SEKUCo is:

Acquire knowledge, serve with compassion!


This is an institution of higher learning which has been opened by the North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT-NED). SEKUCo is located in Magamba village, 8 km north of Lushoto town where the ELCT-NED owns 439 acres of land. The preparations of the university college began in mid-2005. Different forms of fundraisings, inside and outside Tanzania were carried out to collect money for renovation, furnishing and equipping of lecture rooms, libraries, computer labs, workshop yards, cafeteria and hostels. The opening ceremony of the university college was held on 28th of October 2007.
SEKUCo consists of two campuses: Campus A, former Magamba Trade School:
Campus A
Campus A - former Magamba Trade School
…and Campus B, former Magamba Secondary School:
Campus B
Campus B - former Magamba Secondary School
SEKUCo intends to offer high quality education for all who qualify for University Education.

Vision and Mission of SEKUCo:

Flags of University and Diocese
The yellow flag of Tumaini University and the white flag of the Diocese are waving daily at SEKUCo

Our Vision is to be a leading African Institution of higher learning that fully recognizes and actively professes the human value of every society member, including people with disabilities, and whereby everyone is able to learn and live in harmony with God, fellow human beings and all creation.
The philosophy of SEKUCo targets specifically people with disabilities. We intend:
  • To run programmes which focus directly on people with disabilities (Special Needs Education and Mental Health).
  • To mainstream in all programmes issues about the needs, rights and abilities of people who have physical, sensory, intellectual and/or behavioural barriers. Thus as we start new programmes in the fields of Mental Health & Rehabilitation, Eco-tourism & Nature Conservation, Languages & Communication Skills, Law, Business Administration and Civil Engineering we want to ensure that the students acquire knowledge and develop compassion that will make them serve people with disabilities in a way that will change the situation of the latter.
  • To create at SEKUCo a conducive living and study environment for students who have disabilities.
Group discussion
Students in group discussion

The Mission of SEKUCo is to provide high quality university level education that produces graduates who, through knowledge and compassion, can integrate the needs, rights and potentials of people with different abilities into a holistic perspective of life and creation in various fields of expertise, building upon traditional knowledge simultaneously as we open creative ways for new and constructive innovations.


We have started with the programme of Bachelor of Special Needs Education.
138 students have been admitted for the academic year 2007/08 and we expect to receive many more students for the next year.
Visaul Impairment Exam
Mr. Orestes Kapinga invigilating the Visual Impairment exam as the end of semester exams took off on 2nd of February

The most difficult challenge that we face today is lack of qualified Professors/ Lecturers/ Assistant Lecturers for the Special Needs Education courses We are currently working hard to recruit such specialists from other universities in Tanzania and abroad.
By the end of 2003 the then Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) of Tanzania estimated that less than 1% of disabled school-age children in the country had access to some form of schooling. Special needs specialist teachers in all levels of education with a comprehensive understanding of special needs individuals are therefore needed to provide highly specific and intensive programmes. This will allow individuals with special needs to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to their varied life environments. The Education programmes at SEKUCo are inclusive, as such they will actively advocate for educational opportunities for ALL students.  These programmes will contribute to the qualitative and quantitative professional development of teachers capable of effectively handling general and special needs education. The programmes will further facilitate and enhance educational research and the use of appropriate, accessible, affordable and sustainable technology in educational settings.
Graduates of these programmes are expected to take professional positions in different educational institutions and organizations. Such positions may include:
  • Teaching in all levels of education, i.e., from pre-primary to higher education
  • Teachers in schools that specialise in educating children with special needs
  • School inspectors, managers, educational planners, policy makers and administrators
  • Advocates for learner centred pedagogy
  • Consultants in a variety of specialisations including those areas with aspects of special needs
  • Quality assurance and control personnel
  • Advocates for quality inclusive education in Tanzania and beyond
The overall objectives of the degree programmes  are to develop the required human resources to provide highly trained teachers who are experts in many aspects of education and who can also provide and advocate specialized educational programmes to students with special needs, e.g., children with disabilities, gifted/talented, and children from environment that are considered hostile to formal education.  The programme is designed to equip the undergraduate student teachers with an understanding of general and specific teaching and learning principles. It is also designed to develop skills, knowledge and values necessary for handling classes that include learners with special needs as well as those which specifically deal with learners with special needs. The focus in special needs education is considered imperative since learners’ special needs may hinder students’ learning and negatively impact an individual throughout his/her life.  Graduates from SEKUCo education programmes will, specifically, be able to:
  • Effectively and efficiently teach the contents of their specialised courses, e.g., English language, Mathematics, French
  • Apply appropriate teaching and learning theories, models  and strategies in their day to day teaching responsibilities
  • Develop sound educational lessons and programmes for students with a variety of learning needs
  • Apply research-based instructional techniques in the areas of reading, writing and mathematical skills
  • Gain knowledge in learners’ developmental psychology Students in one of the lecture rooms
  • Attain knowledge of common physical, mental, and environmental disabilities and how such conditions impact learning
  • Use educational assessments to identify learning needs and programme accordingly
  • Identify learning characteristics of children with normal development, and those with special needs
  • Develop programmes to assist individuals with special needs to be productive adults following graduation
  • Work with parents and communities to create awareness and acceptance for individuals with special needs.