First Graduation of Bachelors of Special Needs Education in Tanzania!

Tumaini University, Sebastian Kolowa University College held its first graduation ceremony on Saturday 4 December 2010. This is the first graduation ceremony held in Tanzania for bachelor of Special Needs Education. Media attended. Out of 132 graduating students most attended the ceremony. Graduates group photo with Bishop Malasusa and former president Mkapa

The event was graced by Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) Dr. Alex Malasua as guest of honor and also the Chancellor of Tumaini University. Together with him Prof John Shao Vice Chancellor attended the historical event.

Graduates on prossesion from Campus A to Campus B

Prossesion leader entering Campus B

Retired President Benjamin William Mkapa attended as Guest Speaker and during his speech he acknowledge the efforts made by the church for establishing such education. It will help the entire nation with teachers in special needs education rather than - as before - getting expensive experts from abroad.

Graduates standing for introduction

However, Co had invited guests from within and outside the country for different purposes. America (SEPA) was represented by Suzan Pursch, UEM by Caroline Shedafa. FELM was also represented. Lena Maria Klingvall, famous singer from Sweden, though being born without arms, impressed many with her talented voice. From within country were some members of the parliament, Lushoto District officials, Pastors of NED-ELCT and others attended.

Beautiful song by Lena Maria Klingvall on podium

Greetings from SEPA by Susan Pursch

Delivering her speech, SEKUCo Provost Dr. Anneth Munga said that The Bachelor of Special Educational Needs programme is designed for teachers and other professionals involved in the education and care of persons with special educational needs and impairments. The general purpose of the programme is to develop and enhance participants’ knowledge of discourse and legislation whether in mainstream special education, clinical or other settings.

Prossesion reception at Campus B from right Mama Mkapa, Ret. President Mkapa, Bishop Malasusa, Dr Aneth Munga and Sophia Mjema

The specific aim of the programme is to prepare teachers and other professionals to work with a diversity of persons with special needs in the most inclusive and least restrictive environments, she argued.

From left: Prof John Shao, Dr Anneth Munga, Bishop Dr Stephen Munga, Ret President Mkapa, Mama Mkapa and Sophia Mjema, Lushoto DC signing visitors book at SEKUCo

SEKUCo Board chairman Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga while introducing guest and welcome them he said, we are grateful for the wildest dream we had has come true, but so far we have a lot to do because the mission is continuing.

Dr. Malasusa awarding Bachelor of Special Needs Education

Quoting some graduates Jafari Shehagilwa said I am glad to be part of history for having first degree of Special Needs education in Tanzania.  We now have a dept to fulfill what we have learned into practical.

Graduates guests congratulate their beloved

Some members of SEKUCo's teaching staff