Important announcement to candidates admitted to join SEKUCo for the 2008/2009 academic year

Addendum to the joining instructions of 24th july 2008  

(Change of Reporting Date and Additional Instructions)

Further to my letter of 24th July 2008, I am sending this addendum to let you know of changes in the reporting date to SEKUCo for the academic year 2008/09 and additional information regarding initial payments. Following directives of the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), all Universities have been directed to start the academic year 2008/09 not earlier than 25th September 2008 to allow coordination of multiple admissions and to give enough time for the Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB) to process loans to minimize inconveniences to students.
By this letter, you are now required to register with SEKUCo on 29th September 2008, ready to participate in the orientation week. Orientation will begin from 30th September to 4th October 2008 when regstration will be closed. Failure to register within the given period will lead to your place being forfeited.

For the purpose of registration, you must bring with you the following items:-
a)    Original Certificates of Secondary Education (C.S.E), Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (A.C.S.E) or Diploma or Degree awarded.
b)    Two up-to-date passport size photographs bearing your name at the back.
c)    Certified original birth certificate as per the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance. In cases where the Original Birth certificate hasn’t been obtained, an Affidavit may be accepted as an interim document. The birth certificate must, however, be submitted before the end of the first academic year.

The Office of the Deputy Provost Academic Affairs will verify information provided by you in the application forms. It is an offence to submit false information. Cases of impersonation and falsification of documents discovered either at the stage of registration or afterwards will lead to automatic cancellation of admission and report on the discovery will be submitted to competent authorities for legal action.

SEKUCo has no scholarship fund and will not provide any financial assistance, be it tuition fee, exam fee or any other costs. We therefore advise you to settle the financial matters with your sponsors immediately. The Fee Structure was sent together with the Joining Instructions as Attachment A.

Some students have requested for information regarding which costs are covered by the HESLB (Loan Board) and which are to be covered by the student as well as payment procedure. Please read the following very carefully:

1. Costs Covered by the Loan Board:
  • Tuition fee
  • Field allowance
  • Special faculty requirement
  • Meals and accommodations
  • Stationery and Book Allowance

Please note that the payment of tuition by the Loans Board depends on the Means Testing Evaluation Criteria for each individual applicant, whereby if one is in group A, the Loan board pays 100 percent of the tuition fees. If one is in group B, the Board pays 80 percent of the fees, Group C the Board 60 precedent, Group D the Board pays 40 percent of the fees, etc. So depending on your category of the means testing, each candidate pays the difference. For example if you are in group, then the board pays 80% of the tuition fees and the student has to pay 20% of the tuition fees.

2. Costs Not Covered by the Loan Board (To be paid by student)
  • Medical capitation fee
  • Caution money
  • Student Union fee
  • Identity card fee
  • Registration fee
  • Examination fee
  • Transport and Medical logistics
  • Computer facilities and services

3. Initial Payment Procedure
All students must deposit Tshs 362,000 (Three hundred and Sixty Two thousand Tanzania Shillings) to cover some of the items under 2 above). The payment must be through the SEKUCo Bank ACCOUNT NUMBER 01J098857100 CRDB BANK, KOROGWE BRANCH. Make sure that you pay at the bank and bring in the pay-in-slip on the reporting day 29th September 2008). PLEASE NOTE THAT NO CASH DEPOSITS OR PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED). This deposit DOES NOT cover accommodation costs.

SEKUCo is located at Magamba village in the district of Lushoto, 8 km north of Lushoto town. If you intend to travel by bus, you may use the following alternatives:
  • Coming from the north e.g. Arusha/Moshi, there are buses going directly to Lushoto and Magamba. Chakito and  Fasaha  are buses which literally pass the gate of SEKUCo!
  • Coming from the south e.g. Dar es Salaam/Morogoro, there are buses which go directly to Lushoto such as Ibariki Tanzania, Shambalai and  Mbaruku.
  • Apart from buses going directly to Lushoto and/or Magamba, there are many buses passing the town of Mombo, a given stop along the Arusha – Dar es Salaam main road. From Mombo there are buses going to Lushoto, a trip which takes about 1 hour.

It is the responsibility of each student to make accommodation arrangements. Accommodation space at SEKUCo is limited. For on-campus accommodation, call 0784-683566. Students with mobility difficulties, visual impairment or other disabilities who have declared their state in the application forms will be offered accommodation at the Campus if they so wish. The following contacts may  be of use for arrangements of off-campus accommodation:
Grand Mandarin – 0784533816
Jeingata Hostels – 0784293905
Super Hostel – 0713398009
Adventure Guest House – 0784 587544
Stadium Guest house – 0784425116
Florida Guest House – 0784425116
Mbaruku Guest House - 0757168148 and 0784820385
Kimunyu G.H.- 0717640930
Friend Corner Annex G.H. -0784747280
Sikudhani G. H. - 0784747280.
We urge you to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. The administration of the university college may offer advice regarding accommodation but has no responsibility whatsoever for an individual’s accommodation arrangements outside the campus. Regular transport will be available between Lushoto and Magamba but the students will have to cover the costs.

All freshers are required to undergo medical examination by a registered Medical Doctor. Admission at SEKUCo will depend upon receiving satisfactory Medical Examination Report. The Medical Examination Forms were sent together with the Joining Instructions as Attachment B.

Magamba is cool due to its high altitude. Therefore bring with you warm blankets, bed sheets, sweaters/jackets, stockings, covered shoes and any other warm clothing. All staff and students at SEKUCo are required to dress respectably.  

You are also expected to equip yourself with towels, soap, sandals, cleaning utensils and any other items necessary for hygiene and health. We strongly advise you to have a mosquito net.

I wish you the best as you prepare to join our university college!



Dr. Honoratha Mushi

Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs