Adams Quick Ceramic Protect Wash & Wax Kit

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Adams Quick Ceramic Protect Wash & Wax Kit Description

Adam’s Wash & Wax is paired together with Adam’s Ceramic Boost to provide a quick and easy way to safely and thoroughly clean your vehicle while adding ceramic protection. Adam’s Wash & Wax’s super sudsy and safe car shampoo formula contains special polymers that add amazing depth to your vehicles paint and provide some protection. Use with the included Adam’s Microfiber Wash Sponge to safely remove dirt and grime from your vehicles exterior without the risk of causing swirl marks. Quickly dry your vehicle with Adam’s Ultra Plush Microfiber towel to prepare your vehicle for applying Ceramic Boost. Adam’s Ceramic Boost contains silica SiO2 molecules to add ceramic coating type protection to your vehicles paint, chrome, and trim. The two Premium Adam’s Double Soft Microfiber Towels make it easy to apply and buff off to leave a streak free finish. The polymers in Wash & Wax pair perfectly with the Ceramic Boosts Silica molecules to quickly and easily wash, protect, and add amazing shine to your vehicle during your wash routine. Each kit includes: one Adam’s Wash & Wax 16oz, one Adam’s Ceramic Boost 16oz, one Adam’s Microfiber Wash Sponge, one Adam’s Ultra Plush Drying Towel, and two Adam’s Double Soft Microfiber Towels.

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